What To Bring

Be prepared for enjoying the Texas Hill Country
As our guests, you will want to bring simple, rugged clothing that will stand up to this kind of ranch living.

Try to be practical in the amount of clothing you bring Please pack yours and your daughter's belongings in a camp trunk or large suitcase. While we have plenty of closet space for you, there are no dresser drawers available and you should plan on working out of your suitcases.

Some ideas on what necessities to bring We have guests year round and this list gives you some ideas on the clothing and other necessities you will need. In the summer months in the Texas Hill Country, you won't need long sleeve shirts or any jackets.

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  • Sweater or sweatshirt

  • Jacket - light weight

  • 2 towels and 2 washcloths

  • 8 pairs underwear

  • 8 pairs of socks

  • Rain slicker

  • Sneakers

  • 2 bathing suits

  • 4 tee shirts

  • 4 shorts

  • 2 sweatpants

  • 2 p.j.s

  • Shower flip flops

  • 2 long sleeve shirts

  • 2 pair long pants

  • Laundry Bag That Ties Closed

The Sugar & Spice Ranch is a Western riding only camp

Here is a list of some riding equipment you will want to bring.
The Sugar & Spice Ranch does not provide helmets for campers. You must provide your own for your daughter or under age children. We recommend schooling helmets and all helmets must fit properly for proper protection.

  • ASTM Approved Hard Hat

  • Riding Boots* (must have heel)

  • Riding Jeans

  • 1 White Blouse**

* Riding Boots may NOT be hiking boots

** You will be showing on Thursday wearing a white blouse

Additional items to bring
  • Camera

  • Pencils and Notebook

  • Lip Balm

  • Sun Screen

  • Flashlight and Extra Batteries

  • Soap

  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste

  • Brush and Comb

  • Shampoo and Deodorant

  • Sanitary Supplies

  • Insect repellent

  • Water Bottle

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