Where's Ms. Leigh?


This blog is the block of time we enjoy so much when we stop, slow down and connect with you.
It's one of the things we love most about social media sharing. The very thought that potentially we are connecting with people all over the country and the globe is very exciting. We have many good friends from Europe and Australia. It's always nice to hear from our friends in Italy. They have a keen interest in and understanding of American riding since they too ride 'western', and I'll bet you'd be surprised to know there are many working cowboys in Italy. Knowing this helps us to connect to a bigger picture, one where we are all just different versions of ourselves.


Bracciano Traditions | Italy | www.lifeinitaly.com | Buttero: Italian Cowboys in Bracciano

So much has been going on at the ranch including Ms. Patricia's prom which as you know is an exciting time for a senior of high school. Soon she will be off to college and ready to take on the world. You go, girl!
Ms. Leigh finally found time to take a mini-vacation with her sister and now she is back, rested and ready for the coming summer camp 2016. Nothing makes her happier! Mothers and daughters will be arriving in the beautiful Hill Country for riding and bonding and of course, making memories.
Ms. Ellena is making the world gorgeous with her spa treatments. As many of you already know, Ms. Ellena is a licensed esthetician and offers a menu of delightful treatments for guests of the ranch. Mom's, be sure to schedule a relaxing facial or one of other many treats while you are here at the ranch. You'll be glad you did!
So the porch is swept, the pool is ready, and the horses are keeping watch for you, from wherever you may be coming.
We're delighted to have you as our guest!

Check-in for each camp is on Sunday at 3:00 pm and pick up is on Saturday at 10:00 am

Help us take care of rescued horses!

Help girls in need come to the ranch!

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