Where's Ms. Leigh?



Welcome To Our World Of Horses!!
For those of you that have not been to our new website until now, let me take a moment to welcome you.
As many of you know, I am available literally 24/7 via email to answer any and all questions and to provide you and our other guests with as much information as you need to make an educated and insightful decision on joining us for our summer camps or other horseback riding sessions.


The goal here for our mother and daughter summer camps at the ranch is to help you experience the world of horses in a very unique way that will touch your soul and create some of the most amazing and lasting precious memories for you and your daughter.
The weeks have been flying by this year and we are fast approaching the summer season and all our summer sessions. I would love to let you know about all the going-ons here at the ranch. Bear with me as there are many!!!
We have been upgrading the arena while dealing with an overwhelming amount of rain this spring… not that that is a bad thing but, anyone that knows our arena knows that when it rains we have had a drainage problem at times!! Well, I'm happy to report that with lots and lots of hard work from a very dear friend of ours and some fine engineering we are remedying that situation.
We have also been shredding lots and lots of acres here on the ranch and planting some beautiful Bermuda grass for the horses! We are preparing to expand the facility with the building of some new out buildings for you all; such and not limited to a spa cabin and a workout cabin slated for 2016!!

We have a couple of new horses that you may or may not have seen on our Facebook page


One is Liberty and he is just the sweetest guy on the planet!! He's young and healthy but, has a very old and gentle soul!! I have been personally training and riding him to get him ready for the summer and am happy to report that he will in fact be on the roster for the summer camp weeks.
We have changed a few things here as far as enrollment is concerned as well.
We are now offering girls-only summer weeks for all the gals out there whose moms just can't break away for a week with them but, want to experience our unique total horsemanship program!
Contact us for more details about how to get your daughter enrolled for camp solo!!!
Well, it is late and I have to get up and throw a leg over many horses tomorrow to ready them for your arrival! Cannot wait to meet you all and to greet our returning guests again this summer!
Until my next post… devotedly, Ms Leigh & Rock Star!!

P.S. If you have not already joined our community, please click on the link – you will be glad you did!

Check-in for each camp is on Sunday at 3:00 pm and pick up is on Saturday at 10:00 am

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