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A Special Place!

Do you have a special place? My heart skipped a beat when one of our longtime guest and a dear friend shared with us a short essay that her young daughter wrote about her stays at The Sugar & Spice Ranch. It is young girls like Naisa that make what we do at the ranch so special and so worthwhile. Take a moment to read Naisa's essay titled My Special Place.

My Special Place

By Naisa Fulford

Do you have a special place? I am talking my special place that I go visit

almost every year in the summer for a week. Ms. Leigh’s Ranch! Woo

wee, it is hot during horseback riding. I ride a boy horse whose name is

Liberty. I love to go around the obstacle course on him. Liberty is a

feisty horse. The best part of grooming him is braiding his tail. I ride

two times a day. Two times, can you believe it! I ride Liberty 13 times

before I have to leave. After horseback I can go to the swimming pool,

catch and release the kittens, and play board games with my mom. I

play water wars in the pool and play shark attack. The kittens are so

quick I can barely catch them. The board games are really entertaining

especially when I beat my mom. “Dinner,” says Ms. Leigh. We have

some spicy food that is really good. My favorite meal is a spicy rice and

bean dish. After dinner we roast strawberry flavored marshmallows

and make s’mores with Patricia. Mmm, yummy! I eat at least four

s’mores before bed. Miss Patricia is Ms. Leigh’s daughter that helps out

during our stay. She is really funny. I stay up and play in the pool.

Then we get back to the mini house and go nighty-night. I love the

ranch for all these reasons. I hope you have a really special place too.


Spring Break and Summer Camps at The Sugar & Spice Ranch in Bandera, TX

Little girls make memories for a lifetime and

Mothers bond with their Daughters in a most beautiful way.


Relaxing in the pool after a day of riding is always a welcome activity

at The Sugar & Spice Ranch.

By: Maria Norcia Santillanes

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